Are YOU Ready for Black Friday?

Ah, the holidays are here again… which means long lines at the mall and super stores, traffic rage, and trying to fulfill all those wish lists.

The Friday following Thanksgiving Day is traditionally known as Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Retailers compete to get prudent shoppers in the doors before dawn with specials lasting only a couple of hours. But how do you know where to go??? and have a list of Black Friday specials available at more than 20 stores nationwide. So you can execute a plan of attack to which items you want most for your buck.

Having done the Black Friday shopping several years back, I have decided that no deal is worth getting up at 3 am, standing in line for two hours to get in a store, shopping for 30 minutes as I try to beat people to items, then waiting three hours to check out. Instead, I opt to do my Black Friday shopping online. Here’s a few retailers looking to cater to those of us who would rather shop in the comfort of our home in those early morning hours:

So whether you prefer the thrill of competitive shopping in stores or the tranquility of shopping in your pjs at home, we hope your Black Friday shopping is full of all the specials to make your gift giving magical this holiday.

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