Bloggers Rule the World

Well, maybe that’s not completely true, but read a number of blogs and you might start to see the power they hold. In a lunch lecture I attended yesterday, the speaker, who owns her own PR firm, admitted that bloggers are evil creatures, often causing havoc for her clients.

In her examples, the content related to bloggers who obtained privileged information and made speculations or started rumors on their blogs. But therein is why she has a job in the first place.

If you are concerned about your company’s information leaking to the public, you should be sure to guard it and have complete trust in those who share such information. On the other hand, using your blog to purposefully share information to the public in a timely manner can be a very proactive measure.

At the recent BlogSavannah UnCon, speaker Josh Hallett spoke about the problem Sony had by creating a fake blog where two of its team members pretended to be game players that started a blog to convince family and friends to give them a new PSP for Christmas. The public quickly caught on and called them out, as did the media. Sony came back with a revamped blog, under Hallett’s direction, which now provides communication directly between Sony and its PlayStation fans.

But what is it about bloggers that make them so evil? Well, maybe evil isn’t the right word… perhaps they simply require that companies be more accountable for their actions. Information via the Internet is viral, and while you may not always see comments on a specific blog, you can bet people have read them.

So what are people saying about you? Make Google your best friend. Type in your company name and take a look. Spend some time on Technorati. If something strikes you, see what you could do that might make the situation better. Then take a look at what people are saying about your competition. Those are probably issues to you as well. Don’t start your blog to be a PR response - it needs to be a conversation with your customers, and they will be able to immediately notice if you have someone else writing or some ulterior purposes behind your posts.

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  • Hmm. Bloggers should do something that can make a difference in the society we are living today. After all, it’s not just makeup and all those fun stuff they should advertise.
    Lindsay | graduation photographer atlanta

    Lindsay Shmuck commented on
    Jul 16,2019 at 11:23AM
  • I am a blogger myself, and I think you got lots of points here. Bloggers aren’t evil at all, it is just some bloggers need to sustain their blogs and therefore, tend to make money by doing not so good things, but in general, for me, bloggers are just hobbyist who wants to reach somebody’s heart and mind at the comfort of their dens.

    Jessin Wallace commented on
    Aug 29,2019 at 5:36AM
  • Jessin is right, on point, and I am a blogger too!
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  • Likely, many of the people with whom the Vogue editors took issue are not actually bloggers, but influencers — which are two different things. The simplest way to denote this difference is: Almost all bloggers are influencers. Not all influencers are bloggers, on this site, it is stated as well.

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    Nov 10,2019 at 8:33AM
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  • Bloggers Rule!!
    John- Colorado

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    Dec 6,2019 at 1:21PM
  • I am a blogger myself
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