Do Your Potential Customers Know Who You Are?

Ok, so you have a fabulous website (because we made it for you) and you are getting a lot of traffic. But how well are you letting your potential customers get to know you?

A growing trend on websites is to include profiles of key executives and personnel. This allows your potential customer to put a face with a name when they call or email you. It also may help you to connect with a customer that may be on the fence about choosing you over a competitor. For example, if you include your alma mater in your profile, you may attract former classmates or other alumni. (I should caution sports fanatics about listing their favorite teams: nothing sparks more passion and controversy than sports rivals.)

Your profile can be as long or as short as you want, but the idea is to put yourself out there for the visitors. You also have an added bonus: profiles may help your SEO. That’s right. Adding content to your site is always a good thing, and think of all the keywords your profile may contain, such as schools, business associations, certifications, trainings, awards, etc.

Recently, Coastal Pet Rescue re-vamped their Leadership Team page to allow each team member to have their own page with biography and Curriculum Vitae. Visitors now see the list of each team member, their title and job description and may click a link to learn more about that individual. CPR chose to do this to build credibility for the organization and demonstrate the diverse skills and talents of the leadership team.

Now that you’ve decided you want a profile, what do you do next? I highly recommend making an outline and bullet points. Use titles such as education, certifications and training, awards, and family. Once you have your outline, then you can begin to put information together. Remember to write concisely and try to avoid run on sentences. And whatever you do, don’t forget the spelling and grammar checks. Have someone proof read your profiles before making them public. After all, you want to make the best impression possible to your potential clients.

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