Friends Don’t Submit Friends to Spam

It’s a matter of courtesy. If someone you know asks for a friend’s phone number, you don’t give it out without first checking with the friend, right? But how many of us have ended up on email lists without having ever asked to be?

We all hate spam, but the emails we send to everyone we know may be a spam catalyst. Every day, we are tasked to do as much as possible in our 24 hours. For many of us, emailing takes several hours a day, often firing off emails every few minutes. We may try to cut corners by sending one email to as many people as we know to get the information out with less time. And that’s ok. But what if the people on your email don’t want others to have access to their email address? Believe it or not, many folks will scan through your list of recipients and grab their email addresses for their own use. And then your friends become victims of their spam.

How can you stop this from happening? It’s time you made friends with that BCC feature on your email. When you compose a new message, in the TO field, put your own email address. If you are using a webmail program or Outlook, there will be a field below it that says CC: (carbon copy) and one below that BCC: (blind carbon copy). (Note: If you are using Thunderbird, click on the To: and change it to BCC:) Enter all the email addresses of the people you want to get your email in the BCC field, and no one else will be able to see any address but yours and theirs. It is as simple as that.

Remember the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have done to you.” Guard your friends’ email addresses as you would want them to guard yours.

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