Going Green: It’s not just about your aluminum cans anymore …

The phrase “going green” was once considered a catch phrase for environmentalists who liked to recycle paper and cans. But today, most industries are making sure they show their clients and consumers how “green” they can be.

This does not exclude real estate and home developers. You can Google search lots of blogs with tips on how to make your family more green friendly, but I'm talking about the actual structure of your home. Maybe we are seeing a slite shift away from the mansions built a few years ago, to the more sensible designs of homes with just the space we really need and nothing more.

Global Green is one organization making a huge contribution with the real estate movement in New Orleans. They are pulling in heavy weights like Brad Pitt who are dedicating energy, time, and financial support to this flood ravaged area by not only building new homes for the thousands of misplaced but making their homes GREEN.

The industry hopes to offer the new, cutting edge ideas that will turn the tide from poorly constructed homes that drain our economy of natural gas and energy to the a new standard in housing development and a new eco-friendly way of being. In consideration of Earth Day, we should all reevaluate our contributions to wasted energy in our homes. If you are in the market for a new home, consider asking questions about updates previous homeowners have made in an effort to make the home more compatible with the environment.

The development of these new homes will be fascinating to watch. It will be interesting to see whether or not they stand the test of time. It will be interesting to see the impact the changing economy has on how home owners and real estate developers treat new structure and renovate old. Only time will tell but while we wait … collect your cans, paper goods and plastic… every little bit counts.

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