House Hunting in the Fall

Your preferred location needs to be thought of in several ways. Are you comfortably close the places you frequent … work, school, other family members? Is the neighborhood old and established with mature landscaping or is it new and trendy?

Do the neighbors own the homes surrounding your dream house or do most of them rent the property? What about the location of the house on the property … is the house close to busy cross streets? A high traffic area? Is the house set so far back on the lot that you would have a shallow back yard and no room to install a pool or basketball hoop? There is so much to consider when looking at the location of your house in terms of the city but also consider location in terms of the property lines.

One of the best investments in your life… the house is more than a home for your family. The house is a large financial investment that could pay great dividends years later. Make sure you interview mortgage companies, banks, loan agencies and know your financial ability to handle your loan. Be sure your choice is the home you want to be in for at least three to five years if you expect any financial return for this investment. The longer you stay put with a fixed rate mortgage, the better your end result will be when the choice is a solid one.

What kind of community do you want to become a part of? Is it the organic coffee house and health food store neighborhood you want to wake up to? Is it the sleepy dead end streets tucked back off major roads that make you feel far away? Is it the busy streets with city traffic and noisy neighbors? Spend time in this new neighborhood before you make a choice. Visit the neighborhood on Saturday mornings. Are families out in the yard together? Are neighbors meeting in the street to talk about the events in their lives? Is the coffee house full of pajama clad bed heads looking for an organic scone? Where do you want to be? Spend time during different hours of the day and week riding through the neighborhoods you think you want to buy in and see if the feeling fits you and your family’s lifestyle.

These are just a few things to consider when moving to a new home. It is a major decision and not one to take lightly. In the midst of all the legal and financial discussions, remember some of these things too and consider where you will be spending your down time. It will make all the difference in the world for your quality of life! Happy Fall House Hunting!

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    Nov 7,2019 at 11:34PM
  • House hunting in the fall can be exciting but you’ve got to get moved in before winter hits. Hire a great moving and junk removal company to help with all you have to do to get ready.

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