Making the Right Investment in Online Real Estate

Real estate. One of the most valuable assets you can own. It’s all a matter of location, location, location. The same goes for online real estate.

Your wesbite is informative to visitors. But how do you get them there? You can’t rely just on search engine traffic. Your need to visit other sites that share your visitors and advertise there as well. We’re not talking about a simple link exchange, but rather banner advertising.

Having a banner ad will help attract attention. It should be concise and clearly identify you. Animated banners work great as you can include more information. You might even go a step further to encourage visitors by offering an incentive if they follow the link to your website such as a free consultation or discount on their first purchase.

How do you know where to purchase banner ad real estate? Consider your target audience and their interest. Then look for those websites and contact the site owners if advertising is allowed. For example, if you are a marine dealer, your customers probably pay close attention to the weather during hurricane season. So you might consider advertising on, a hurricane evacuation and information website. If you offer special services to new home buyers, then advertising on and will get you in front of that target market.

Does your business currently sponsor community events or non-profit organizations? Then ask them about banner advertising on their related websites. Showing that you put an investment into the community for causes your customers care about will help increase your online business.

The problem with trying to attract traffic is you want quality not quantity. If you have 1,000 unique visitors a day and only one person makes an inquiry for your product or service, you have a smaller return on your investment. But if you target your traffic to those specifically in need of your services, your return will be greater. It all comes back to location, location, location.

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