Ode to a Real Estate Publisher

It should be said, that I love all our clients equally, like a mother to her children. However, one particularly stands out in my mind as a pleasure to service and that is Sands Publishing.

Sands Publishing is home (no pun intended) to Homes of Savannah, Homes of Hilton Head, and Homes of Beaufort; successful real estate publications all. They are one of our oldest clients, having navigated all three versions of our Real Estate Manager software, sometimes becoming development guinea pigs along the way.

For anyone who knows about Real Estate publishing, you know it can be a taxing line of work. Brokers and agents call day and night demanding utilization of the latest techniques in real estate marketing. They understand that no longer is print alone enough, a publisher needs to also be able to deliver Internet statistics. That is where eMarketSouth comes in. With our software, Sands Publishing can have their advertisers submit ads online. All the properties are on their own websites as well as submitted to Google, Trulia and USA Homes. We offer stats on the websites as well as individual properties and allow Sands to manage much of their own Search Engine Optimization. Real Estate Manager runs on a hierarchy of logins so agents and brokers can update their listings, profiles, and ads day or night, in an instant.

We can’t turn this dreadful real estate market around, our goal is just to make life a little easy for Sands Publishing and all of our clients, one home at a time.

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