QR Codes: The New Bar Codes

An exciting new way of accessing data is popping up in the United States and eMarketSouth has the scoop. New 2-dimensional codes are likely to become more and more popular for tracking goods and receiving information through high speed decoding.

imageQR (Quick Response) Codes are very popular in Japan where they were developed. Initially used for tracking commercial goods, QR codes are now being used to access websites and information through mobile devices. Applications can be downloaded that allow your Smart Phone's camera to scan the code and access the encoded URL or data. There are a few apps available for download, but the best that we have found is Scan Life.

Leading Savannah Real Estate company and proud eMarketSouth client Mopper-Stapen Realtors is in the forefront of the QR Code movement in Savannah! Mopper-Stapen is printing QR Codes on their real estate signs that are placed in front of there listings. Potential clients will now have the ability to scan the QR Code from the sign and access information such as specs and pictures immediately.

Make sure to be on the look out for the new QR Codes on signs, stickers, in magazines and more. When you see this sign try scanning it to find what information it leads to.

  • You can even scan it with your phones.
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  • Nice article! We’ve using this codes since 2010. These codes were also used for business, tollgate and even airports as entry tickets.

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