Real Estate Manager

Oh to work in the real estate industry these days... Yeah, we’re sympathizing with you publishers, brokers and agents.

With articles in every conceivable news outlet using words like slump, foreclosure and woe to describe the current real estate situation, it’s no wonder that brokers and publishers are looking for newer and easier ways to make their properties stand out and streamline their business. While there are a few ways to do that, putting available real estate on the web, well that’s a no-brainer; CBSNews reports that, while once a luxury, advertising your home online is now a necessity.

eMarketSouth to the rescue. In addition to creating easy-to-use, eye-catching real estate websites with practical home-buying information, we created Real Estate Manager allowing advertisers to upload their own properties to the site and, along with Ad Submission, create their own advertisements for the publication. For our clients like Homes of Savannah, UtahHI and Atlanta360, this alleviated many organizational problems and streamlined their relationship with their customers.

Now in its third version, Real Estate Manager also sends all your properties to Google, Trulia, and our own USA Homes, giving you and your advertisers or clients more bang for their buck. REM III gives stats on all your properties as well as allows for multiple MLS feeds. And, it allows you to control the Search Engine Optimization of your own website, enabling you to manipulate keywords and craft your content. Now if it only it did windows. . . .

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