Rich Website Content Makes Cents

When you are visiting a website, you’re looking for information because of something that interested you. The same goes for your clients. Take a look at your website. How much are you telling about your company or organization? Will visitors know how your business got started, the exact services you offer, or what other people think? When you are reading through your website, are you intrigued and want to read more?

The content on your website needs to grab your visitor’s attention. Visitors are looking for specific information to help them make a decision. Your website is your sales tool to make their decision in your favor. If your company does not have sales literature, it may be time to bring in an outside source to develop such and coordinate it with your online campaign. Consider having someone who knows very little about your product write copy that will tell others in simple, plain language about what you do or sell. When you are so close to something, it is harder to be objective. Having an outside take helps you to see what your visitors will see.In developing your content, make a plan. Identify your target audience and tailor your content to them. If you are a real estate agent, include information about the local area, add tips for relocation, and make yourself available to answer questions of your visitors. If you are a car dealership, include articles on gas mileage and safety and how your vehicles can help families who have needs specific to those topics.

Do not overwhelm your home page. Use this valuable real estate to sell other areas of your website. Use teaser text, photos and links to send your visitors through your website. Change this content often, and always make old articles available to your visitors and search engines. And above all, don’t forget to check spelling and grammar - your visitors will notice when these things aren’t right.

Remember, the longer you can keep a visitor on your website, the more likely you are to make a sale to them. Show them you care about their time and use it to your advantage.

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