SEO Philosophy by Winnie the Pooh

“You can’t always sit in your corner of the forest and wait for people to come to you … you have to go to them sometimes.”

Yes, SEO really can be that simple. I remember years ago we had a major client that had us build several websites for them. After the sites went live, we watched their TV, radio and billboard advertising. After spending several months in development and a good chunk of change, not once did they mention their website.

Just putting your website on the Internet won’t make you a million dollars overnight. You have to tell people its there. Simple things such as adding your website address in your email signatures, on your business cards, letterhead, anyplace you put your business name will draw traffic.

You also need to market your website through other websites (see “Making the Right Investment in Online Real Estate“). You share your target audience with other websites, so let them do some advertising work for you as well. Know where your competition is advertising and look there. If you advertise in a print publication, ask for rates for advertising on their websites as most have online components available.

Make time to tell the world your company is online. Give us a call at eMarketSouth and let us help you create an Internet marketing plan that fits your budget.

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