The Disappearance of John and Liz Calvert

A local couple disappeared last Monday,March 3, from Harbor Town in Hilton Head. Not just any couple but John and Liz Calvert. Let me tell you a little bit about the past week and the two beloved friends who are missing.

The day the two disappeared they were working as usua. Liz is an attorney with Hunter Maclean in Savannah and John owns Harbor Town Yacht Basin and stays very hands-on with the daily operations of the basin. Both had attended meetings, met friends for lunch and carried on with their normal work week just as we all did. They had a late afternoon meeting with an accountant who had worked on the Harbor Town Yacht Basin books before John and Liz bought the business. They have not been seen since.

The only other thing to disappear were Liz’s car and Liz’s laptop. The car was found in a resort parking lot on Hilton Head. The laptop was not. They disappeared. Their blackberries, cell phones, and GPS in the car were turned off. Turned off so they could not be traced at all. They have vanished.

By Tuesday morning early, we knew that something was wrong. Close friends and co-workers knew we needed to contact authorities because John would not leave the marina without making plans. Liz would not miss meetings at work. Neither would ignore emails or phone calls, and neither would leave TC, their cat on the boat unattended.

Talk swirled among those close to them. Could they have snuck off for a few days? Not typical and they wouldn’t leave their responsibilities unattended. Could they have just gotten tired of the immense pressures on both as an attorney and as the owners of Harbor Town Marina? Again, not likely and so out of character that very little time was spent considering that option.

John Calvert is a man who loves his boat, his work, his friends. John has no family … no siblings … no children and parents who are deceased. He loves Georgia Tech, naming his yacht “Yellow Jacket” and his companion boat “buzz”. He loves his yacht basin and would not leave without a plan in place.

Liz Calvert is an accomplished attorney who before working with Hunter Maclean in Savannah, she worked for 14 years with UPS representing the large company out of Atlanta. She is a graduate and board member of Converse college. She is very active in their institutional advancement. She is also on the board of the Nature Conservancy. Liz has one brother who lives in Atlanta and has been called in to help make temporary decisions to run the Yacht Basin. Liz has no children and her parents too are deceased.

If you know any information about the disappearance of these beloved friends and prominent community members, please contact the Beaufort County Sheriff’s office and read more about them and their lives at the Island Packet.

  • Just some random thoughts and images that came to me after viewing this case on Disappeared the other night. It would seem to me that the police could come up with a travel radius for Gerwing the evening he left the office. Based on his timeline with the purchase of the bags, the pharmacy footage when he purchased the gloves, and later on when he bought the lottery ticket. I would want to interview Gerwins relatives and friends to find out if there were some particular places he would go fishing. And I would also check out some places he is known to frequent in the area. Seems to me that he would have taken their bodies to a secluded location that he had visited before and knew of. I kept getting an image of a place underneath a bridge or overpass. Possibly underwater with the bodies being placed inside weighted containers or buried.

    drew in la commented on
    Apr 15,2012 at 11:41AM
  • gerwing would have disposed of the bodies in a location he knew well, but it would be probably at least 10 miles away. he had 16 hours to do what he had to, but how did he manage to get john’s car to the carpark 6 miles away, then get back to harbor town, on top of getting rid of there bodies. there is also the mystery of liz’s mini car. who took it from the office carpark, back to the harbor. the case is so mysterious, and i feel others are involved.

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    May 20,2012 at 11:41AM
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