The Hurricane Season that Wasn’t

Once again, good ole Savannah has been spared the wrath of hurricane season. After the chaos of evacuation in Hurricane Floyd in 1999, we all realized so much more needed to be done proactively to prepare ourselves in the event of another evacuation. While CEMA has done their parts, we did ours with the creation of features information you may need when the time comes again. You can log in and check the latest in advisories from NOAA on active storms, get maps of evacuation routes out of Savannah, and even learn how to prepare for your pets’ evacuation. Need a little education about hurricane season? will teach you about the Saffir-Simpson Scale that defines the categories for each storms as well as the storm names for this and coming years.

While the season is at its end, take the time between now and June 1 to make your family’s plans for an evacuation. Taking the time now can help you save time when it really counts.

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