Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

Ok, so you have a website. Now everyone in the world can find you, right? Not exactly… Different search engines have their own methods of returning search results. Your focus needs to be on quality traffic to your website, not necessarily quantity.

Here are 5 tips on how to increase your web ranking and traffic:

  1. Put your website address on all marketing materials: business cards, brochures, letter head, print, radio, TV and billboard advertising.
  2. Maintain an email list of your clients and give them reminders to visit your website. If you launch a new product or service, let your clients know. Be sure to put a link to your website in the email.
  3. Increase your advertising locally. If you are advertising in a local print publication, you should be advertising on their website if they have one. Request a text link that has an actual sentence about the services your company provides. Google judges page rank based upon the number of links to your website.
  4. Sponsor a community event. Non-profits hosting these events often have much advertising provided to them, and usually have a website to promote the event and the organization. If you are a sponsor, request a link to your website from theirs. Again, this will help your page rank with Google.
  5. Create a blog. Having content change on your website regularly will increase your search engine rankings as search engines see the sites as more relevant because they are more current. Blog content does not have to be lengthy: you can announce new promotions, special recognitions, partnerships or new services. Try to post at least once a week. Create links within your blog posts to related pages on your website.
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