Website as a Business Card?

One of the first marketing tools for promoting your business should be a professionally designed business card. Right? Absolutely right. However, there is a new business card in town … the website.

Okay… not so new since the internet has been around for awhile but still a good point. I was recently at a party and the first two questions people asked me were, “What do you do?” and “Does your business have a website?” Your website is one of the top most important selling points for your business.

Everyone surfs the internet and will look you up whether they are interested in your business or just curious about you. Either way your site gets traffic, exposure and most likely people are talking about you. Your website can certainly be as complex as you would like it to be … including a shopping cart for merchandise, flash photos, a blog or it can be as simple as a professionally designed business card: who, what, when, where and how. Not an expensive venture albeit a very important one in today’s business culture.

So if you are shopping for an elaborate or simple electronic business card, contact eMarketSouth and let us help you design and host this important piece of your business promotion.

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