What Does Your eMail Address Say About You?

Your email address. For many, it is a lifeline for their business contacts. But the address you have printed on your business card and literature says more about you than just how to make contact.

For the last few years, sites such as CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com have been preaching to those job hunting to be careful of the email address they use when submitting resumes. While .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) might have been fun and easy for college friends to remember, it can be a red flag to potential employers. The same goes for businesses.

When you hand a business card to a new contact during a networking function, they will immediately look for your email address. Your email address should be yourname@company_domain.com. You need to keep it simple and relevant so it will be remembered and easily recalled. Having an email account such as Yahoo.com may raise questions about your operation. Additionally, those who use AOL for their emails may miss many inquiries as AOL’s server has many spam filters and blacklists in place that may be blocking your potential clients’ domains.

You don’t have to have a mail program on your computer to use your domain name for email. eMarketSouth can help you with a web-based interface so you may access your email from anywhere. If you prefer to work with Outlook, Thunderbird or related programs, we offer simple set up instructions for using your new email account.

Whatever option you choose, remember your email address is your calling card. It’s how people remember you, and how they find you when they want something. And ultimately, isn’t that what you want for your business?

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