Your Domain Name - It’s Not Just for Your Friends

Your domain name is just as important as your home address. You have house numbers on the curb, your mailbox, or somewhere visible to make it easy for emergency services to find you. Your domain name should be just as easy.

For most companies, using your company name for your domain name is relatively simple. For example, obviously takes you to our website. It also makes it easier for people using search engines to find our website if they are searching for our company name.

Search engines like domain names that use keywords. For example, has three keywords: coastal, pet and rescue. Since this is the organization’s name, it works well for both cases. But the group also has a second domain name,, which uses adopt, pet, and Savannah. The trick with this is to be sure that the same keywords appear in the content on your home page with enough frequency to be deemed relevant to the search engine spiders.

Now, back to making your website site easy to find, remember the street numbers for your house? It’s simple, and as such should be your domain name. Avoid using hypens or special characters as most Internet users will not remember them when attempting to input your website address in their browser. Avoid using an acronym or special jargon known only to you and not your clients, again, how will they remember this if you are the only one that knows? If you are a lawfirm with multiple partners, avoid using all your initials. Choose a domain name that reflects your firm’s purpose or the area you serve as your clients may not remember all the partners in the firm or the order in which their initials appear.

Just as you would give your friends directions to your home, be sure you are giving your website address to your clients. Have it on all business cards, letterhead, promotional materials, and in the signature of your emails. If you advertise on TV, radio, print or billboards, don’t forget to add it there as well. You can always find room if traffic to your website is what you want.

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